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Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!

Well its time for our yearly visit to Phoenix for Thanksgiving with some of our kids. We will be leaving Tuesday the 13th and will return on December 1.

But before we go we thought we would share a little of our life with you and our latest vision or dream. We felt this site would be a neat way to do both.

Until several years ago my husband used to publish a monthly family newsletter. But due to his job keeping him so busy, some injuries and becoming legally blind, he had to stop.

But with his never say quit attitude and his rising interest in the web, using CSS and XHTML, even before his sight problems, as another means to get things of interest to more than just the family, he has involved me, just like when we were in college ( twenty years ago).

Not only did I have too type my papers I did his as well, all without the help of computers and word processors. Don't take me wrong, I'm not complaining, we are both never say quit people. We still have dreams for the future, just like Joseph in the Bible, whom they called "the dreamer," this site is one of them. The song you hear playing "Hold On Tight To Your Dreams" by the Electric Light Orchestra, which has been used by Honda on TV lately, pretty well says it all.

This site will probably change its look and topics over time. Just hang in there with us and don't give up on your dreams. And most importantly don't forget to give thanks for everything. 1Thes5:18.

We hope you will enjoy this new adventure with us.

Email us.

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